The Illustrated

The Illustrated
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Monday, 31 January 2011

A very late Happy new year!

Hello one and all and Happy new year. I have been so busy recently that I've not had a chance to update this, so many apologies. My new year was cut short as the police shut our party down at 2:30am. But no worries as we went to a friends flat about 20 minute walk/stagger away.

I've been doing a lot of music based work. Both with my band and private tutoring.

The band is going great. We have recorded two more tracks and set up a bandcamp:

We now have 4 tracks fully recorded. Enough for a demo EP! We are still in the studio writing more and more material and have the basis of two tracks for our first official EP. We are thinking of putting between 4 and 6 tracks on it, and releasing it ourselves. (Indie n that eh?)

Anyhoo, I'll save the rest for another time. I'm currently addicted to Minecraft so toodaloo!


Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pictures of my band time.

Second post, I'm actually keeping this stuff up! :O

Just thought I'd throw a few photos out to the world and show you guys the types of bands I've been in.

To the left you will see a picture of yours truly playing/singing what I think was a cover of "Time for Heroes" by The Libertines. I can't remember who took the photo, but whoever did, cheers for a kickass photo. ;)

This was taken whilst playing a college assessment in 2009, (I'm currently studying Popular Music). The assessment basically consisted of setting up a gig, and playing at it. The band I was in here was only for college and was mainly belting out a few covers. Nothing special as this was a one off gig.

Here I'm playing with a Peavey International Series Raptor.
It's your usual Strat copy, but in my opinion it plays a lot better than a Fender.
Can never go wrong with a Peavey! :)

 This is a totally different scenario. I think this photo was taken around 2007/2008 by Matt Beech.

This band here was a Spinal Tap-esque Glam rock band called, "Concrete Catflap". Nothing too serious. I like to think of it as "Serious fun". There wasn't anything stopping us from dressing up in cliché gear and crotch pushing ourselves into local cult stardom.

We only recorded one song. It just so happens that it was a punky, yet tongue-in-cheek, Christmas number called "Bah Humbug", which can be found here.

Unfortunately this band died out due to other members going to Universities at near enough opposite ends of the countries.
But the band still has a legacy in its own right. ;)

With the current band I'm playing with, (The Illustrated), have only been going since April 2010. We are currently working on recording the second half of our demo, and working on getting a promo shoot done.

Watch this space for updates. :)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hello to the Blogging world!

Hello and this is my first post. I had always thought  of blogging as "the slightly hipster-looking-guy sitting in Starbucks with his laptop, ranting about the world and why his mocha didn't have enough cream."

Watch this space for updates on my guitar work, and updates with The Illustrated.

Cheers. :)